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Parvo Symptoms

What are the classic symptoms of Parvo that you must be able to observe and quickly determine?

Not Eating / Loss Of Appetite

Dog Not Eating
  • This will start off for hours but could go on even longer (however, keep reading to see why this can kill your dog just as fast or faster than dehydration).
  • He has no interest real in food - this is an early warning sign of Parvo.
  • Now, rarely we do find that a dog will still eat (albeit much smaller amounts than normal) throughout his Parvo battle. Out of more than four thousand successful Parvo cases, we've only had maybe a handful of dogs that kept eating through our Parvo treatment. Clearly most animals will not want to eat under such extreme duress.
  • This condition is dire and must be addressed immediately. Parvo dogs cannot go without food for extended periods as this causes many other problems such as hypoglycemia; not only will this help to greatly increase vomiting, which of course increases his dehydration, especially since he is refusing water, but an even larger problem occurs when he does not have the fuel (energy) to keep his basic bodily functions going such as breathing, heart pumping, etc.
  • Folks, this not eating is REALLY BAD and you cannot allow this to go on for more than a day or so, and the effects are even more pronounced for dogs that are very young and/or very small (e.g. less than three pounds in weight - remember, if a 3lb. dog loses just 1lbs, that's a third of his body weight, which is far too much for a dog of that size to lose without serious complications).
  • This is a wake-up call: your dog is really sick and you've got to get on top of this thing NOW if he is to have any real chance to survive this attack.
  • Order your Parvo Treatment kit and with it you will have access to our comprehensive Parvo Treatment Personal Coaching Guide which does contain easy home remedies to address the hypoglycemia and all other Parvo issues.


We do NOT recommend Pedialyte for dogs with Parvo
We do NOT recommend Chicken, or other poultry products, for dogs with Parvo
We do NOT recommend Gatorade for dogs with Parvo
We do NOT recommend Eggs for dogs with Parvo
We do NOT recommend Rice for dogs with Parvo
  • Refusing any liquids (water or other things he would normally like).
  • This is a very large problem. Small animals such as dogs and cats must regulate their body temperature. Water will help on this front, but if he refuses water (probably because he thinks it will make him throw up - yes, it's a vicious cycle), then there could be an overheating issue, especially if this happens during seasons when the weather is hot.
  • And of course most people are aware of the dangers of dehydration.
  • This too must be addressed immediately. However, there are many myths on the Internet as to what to do about this problem - some will actually cause additional vomiting, which in turn causes yet more dehydration.
  • Since time is of the essence, we've included a scaled-down-light version of some of the things you'll encounter in our Parvo Treatment Guide. The moment you notice your dog is not drinking water, then do exactly what is listed on our Home Remedies For Parvo page. This is the best way to rehydrate your dog until you get the full Treatment Guide, which addresses this issue and more.
  • Take a look at his gums. For most breeds, they should be bright pink. If they are light pink he's getting dehydrated; if they are grey to white this is bad and indicates he is really dehydrated. Get going with our ParvoBuster® Emergency Tea now. NOTE: Do NOT press down on his gums, just check for the color.
  • If your dog has naturally dark gums like a Black Lab., then do a skin test. Gently with your thumb and index finger, pick up a small amount of skin from the back of his neck, twist it a little, then let go. If it goes back into place quickly, then he is reasonably hydrated, if it goes back very slowly then he is dehydrated and he needs hydration, so get that Emergency Tea going right now.
  • Check this every hour.


  • He looks sad, unhappy, and unresponsive (e.g. if you call his name he doesn't even look up).
  • He doesn't wag his tail.
  • He doesn't interact with others like he normally would (i.e. people, other animals in the household).
  • He seems generally in a funk and probably will sleep much more than normal.


Paco, a dog with Parvo
  • He has no energy.
  • He is moping around.
  • He seems listless.
  • He is not interested in his favorites: toys/games/activities/people.
  • And sadly, during the later stages of a Parvo attack, he will not even be able to move around, e.g. he will not be able to get up to go to the bathroom - this is extremely demoralizing because animals do not like to lie in their own excrement or urine.


Dog Vomoting
  • This can vary greatly.
  • He may throw up small amounts frequently or he may throw up larger amounts less often - either way, this, coupled with the fact that he is not drinking on his own, will certainly expedite his dehydration.
  • After his stomach is emptied, you will probably see either a yellow frothy-foamy substance, or it may look like a kind of off-white egg shell liquid.
  • It will probably smell quite bad.
  • Again, this causes many additional problems if left unaddressed. Once you place your order you will have full access to our unique Parvo Treatment Guide. In there, you'll find a safe home remedy for vomiting.
  • BTW, in our considerable experience of helping thousands beat Parvo, uncontrolled vomiting can be a death knell. It is therefore imperative that you shut down that vomiting as quickly as possible. You'll find solutions in the Parvo Treatment Guide.

Diarrhea / Bloody Diarrhea

Dog with Parvo
  • Indeed diarrhea in dogs can be caused by a lot of different things - many of which are harmless and/or self-correcting.
  • Unfortunately if the diarrhea is caused because of the Parvovirus, then this is life-threatening and not self-correcting. The current strains of Parvo are ultra-aggressive and highly destructive: without treatment most dogs die an agonizing death - this is serious and you must act NOW in order to turn all of that Parvo-caused devastation around.
  • So, how will you know if this is Parvo-caused diarrhea? You will know it, by the smell as it is overwhelming and often people say it smells like death.
  • This type of diarrhea can be of many different colors (e.g. yellow, green, orange, various shades of brown, and red).
  • If the diarrhea is bright red (the worst kind for him to have), this is a direct result of the virus eating through his intestinal wall. Think of it like your dog's intestines are being put through a paper shredder - it is that bad, so this another reality check for you if you are hesitating to do something about this onslaught.
  • Bright-red-bloody diarrhea will come in waves and will be uncontrollable, so there may be a considerable amount (you might find just a light spotting, or it may be a full-on gush). Don't think about giving him a bath as that is far too traumatic and irrelevant - he needs treatment and he needs it now.
  • If you see rusty, brownish-red-bloody diarrhea, this usually comes once the dog starts to heal. This is his body's way to get rid of unwanted substances.

Fever And Chills

Sick Dog
  • Some dogs will get a fever which could be slight or more problematic. The normal temp should be around 101-102°F (38.33- 38.89°C). If the Temp gets up around 104°F, 105°F (40°C or 40.56°C) or more, then we would start to worry. If cold towels (not drippy or water from the fridge, just regular cold water) do not bring that temp down, the you may have to take him to vet and get that dealt with, especially if this is an emergency situation.
  • Some dogs get chills and shakes, and this is usually due to the lack of food. Check his paws (put your hand around one of his paws, do this one-by-one for each one) and see if they are cold. If they are, this is really bad as he is reacting to no food and will probably become hypoglycemic, if he isn't already.
  • Put a blanket on him and get the Parvo Treatment going right away as we have safe home remedies for this condition.
  • You'll need to check his paws every hour.

Additional Caveats

There are a few additional caveats to consider.

Not all dogs will show all symptoms, the order may vary, and the intensity of each may also vary. There are variables, but if he is showing ANY of those symptoms listed above, then you need to get out of research mode and spring into action straight away by getting him on the treatment plan if you want to have a good chance at a full recovery.

The above symptoms are not just Parvo symptoms in puppies, despite what you may have heard or seen on the Internet that Parvo is only a puppy virus - that is completely erroneous. Lots of the dogs we've helped were older, seniors, over 2 years, young pups, older pups, in other words dogs in all age ranges. Age doesn't really matter - any dog can get Parvo.

The oldest dog that we've know of was a 14-year old Chihuahua, and folks, this is gut-wrenching - this dog had been consistently vaccinated for the first 12 years of his life. If you knew half of what we know about vaccinations, this is horrifying. That is a gargantuan problem - people think that vaccinations are the end-all cure-all. Well, that is just not the case.

ParvoBuster® is a Drug-Free Zone!We've heard the same story thousands of times (in all locations, every day, etc.) that a person had a dog die of Parvo and their vet insisted that they vaccinate all of the remaining dogs in the household. What do you think happened? Immunity from Parvo? On the contrary, all of the reaming dogs came down with Parvo within days of the shots, and many died (some within five hours of being vaccinated). Folks, this is a common scenario and it is happening every day across the US, as well as in other countries.

Now, if you believe in vaccinations (or more specifically, hype and propaganda), then you need to see some horror stories. On one of our Parvo blogs there are a number of posts which talk about this issue, and a good starting point will be here.

On our Kennel Cough Treatment site there are lots of posts from angry pet owners who not only have pets that experienced bad reactions to vaccinations but have also died from something so ridiculous as a Kennel Cough or Bordetella vaccine.

So remember, vaccinations can have both short-term and long-term side-effects, ranging from somewhat mild to life-threatening.

As you can see, it is important to know the Parvovirus symptoms. No matter how your dog contracted the virus, e.g. from the shot itself (which happens very frequently, despite what money-grabbing vets will tell you) or he was exposed by some other means, then you have to get treatment for him immediately.

If you go the vet's route, then expect 50-50 chances of survival and a whopping bill to boot ($500 - $12,000 USD/dog).

ParvoBuster® All-In-One Parvo Formula For Dogs with our Parvo Treatment GuideIf you want a natural product that does not contain any chemicals, nor does it contain toxic ingredients such as garlic and ethyl alcohol like Parvaid does, then get started today with our life-saving products and a coaching plan that has worked for thousands. It only takes a few moments to order your safe, affordable ParvoBuster® Treatment Kit.

Once you place your order using our safe encrypted page, via credits cards or PayPal, your products will be carefully and promptly shipped out via FedEx Priority Overnight, or by FedEx International Priority for those outside of the United States. You will then be able to download your Parvo Treatment Guide with all of our Parvo Home Remedies, instantly to your computer, no matter what time it is, 24/7.

Happy Dog!

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