You Can Order A Parvo Treatment Kit Using Your Cell Phone At - Our New Mobile-Friendly Site is the latest site in our ParvoBuster® family, and it’s been built to be mobile-friendly version.

This new site has only one purpose – to allow people to buy a ParvoBuster® Viral Smack-Down Kits using their cell/mobile phone, since our main sites (i.e. and are hard to use on phones (although it can be possible).

So, there’s no Product Calculator, but the good news is that one of our Viral Smack-Down Kits offers more than enough treatment power to deal with the number of dogs that most people have.

This chart shows how many dogs can be treated using a single kit:

Dog’s Weight Dogs Treated
Less than 3 lbs.Under 1.36 kg. 50
3 – 10 lbs.1.36 – 4.54 kg. 20
11 – 20 lbs.4.55 – 9.07 kg. 10
21 – 100 lbs.9.08 – 45.36 kg. 6
101 – 200 lbs.45.37 – 90.72 kg. 4
Over 200 lbs.Over 90.72 kg. 3

The two products in this kit (when used in conjunction with the various home remedies which are included in the accompanying Parvo Treatment Guide) are good for treating dogs that actually have Parvo (or those showing symptoms of the virus), and they’re also good for giving to dogs who have been exposed to the Parvovirus but who are not yet showing symptoms (in which case, in most cases, full-blown Parvo doesn’t develop).

This is also the best kit to use if your dogs have been vaccinated and/or dewormed (using chemical-based products), as they will help eliminate the chemicals contained in those drugs from the dog’s body. (Remember, Parvo shots can give your dog the virus!)

Another benefit of this particular kit is that it will help eradicate worms and other common parasites, which is helpful because many puppies with Parvo also have worms.

Visit for more information (e.g. costs, shipping details).

* Remember, never use our site while you’re driving! You must pull over before placing your order. We know this will take a few extra minutes of your time, but isn’t that better than trying to use our site while driving and then having an accident? Consider this – without you around, who will give your sick doggies the necessary treatments (and TLC)?

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