Are Any Of My Other Pets In Danger?

Although some people will say this isn’t true, cats can get Feline Distemper (aka Feline Parvo or Feline Panleukopenia) from dogs that have Canine Parvo (particularly the 2c strain).

Some wild animals (e.g. coyotes, raccoons) can carry the Parvo virus, without necessarily showing symptoms themselves.

While there is a human strain of Parvo, it’s not the same and can’t be contracted from dogs that have Canine Parvo, and the symptoms are very different – it rarely does little more than produce a rash.

2 Responses to “Are Any Of My Other Pets In Danger?”

  1. Ashley says:

    It is true that canine parvo virus can be transmitted by coyotes. It is transmitted by the fecal to oral route. However the rest of this response is not true. The canine variants are not transmitted to cats. Any veterinarian will attest to this fact. Furthermore, humans will not get a rash from any strain of canine parvo virus.

    • Admin says:

      Vets tell their clients all sorts of things about Parvo that are contrary to our extensive experience with this virus. After having helped treat over 5,300 pets for Parvo, we’ll stick with what we’ve seen happen rather than rely on outdated theory expounded by people who are frequently more interested in separating you from your money then really helping save animals.